About Us


Gateway Delivered Goods launched in the fall of 2015 in St. Louis, MO.  We provide you, your loved ones or your business with a trustworthy grocery, prescription & more delivery service.  We run errands of all kinds, adapt very well and provide a personalized service to each one of our customers.  Bank runs, post office, dry cleaning, transport pets to and from vet appointments, dog walking, you name it, we can do it!  We are owner operated, reliable and we are the ones you can trust to get the job done right.  100% satisfaction guaranteed.  We strives to simplify the lives of everyone in our community.


Through our user-friendly website and local reliable Delivery Associates, we provide our customers with fresh groceries and everyday essentials from any store. We will save you time, fuel, energy, money and we offer same day delivery or schedule it when it’s convenient for you!  We are there for the people who are looking for an extra few hours in their day or who simply just want to get their independence back. Try us out today!

What Our Customers Are Saying About Us

Deborah -

"Always helpful! Will drop your groceries at work or home with a smile! And will go to another store, if it can't be found where you sent them. (All with your approval of course.)
Always asks to make sure that the product is what you want. And after a few times, that person knows what you like.... That is so nice! And also good for you business shopping!
You must try!
So nice to have your family free for visits, and not chores!"

Chuck -

"Gateway is great. Delivers on time, and with a smile."

Lavita -

"If you don't have a car I highly recommend you give this company a call.Great delivery service. No problems with ordering.They bring you back a receipt to show you your actual price of goods ordered. Highly recommended!!"

Debbie -

"After recent brain surgery I haven't been able to drive.  I was going to go buy groceries and prepare dinner for my family who has taken such great care of me......well it's 16 degrees so today was not going to be the day I start driving and I decided to give Gateway Delivered Goods a call.  Ashlie is great to work with. After verifying my items, my groceries were purchased and delivered at the specified time!  She even put my items away for me!  Great service and I will be a repeat customer....thanks"

Chase -

"First experience with GDG went off without a hitch. Total perfection, and the ability to shop sale items at my store of choice more than covered the reasonable delivery fees. Ashley was great and GDG is now our default service for all our grocery needs and more."

Kayla -

"I used Gateway Delivered Goods for the first time this week!  I received prompt and courteous service and the payment method was secure and simple!  When we discovered that one of my items needed to be exchanged, the issue was handled promptly (the same day) without hassle!  This is a wonderful business and deserves five stars!"